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Our clinic focuses on scientifically-proven collagen treatments that bring out and enhance your natural beauty with long-lasting effects. We provide a wide range of services that focus on anti-aging, regenerative, and aesthetic medicine. Helmed by Dr Kenneth Lee, known as the “The Collagen Doc®”, our philosophy revolves around personalised, patient-centric care that turns back the clock to make you look younger and feel vitalised with renewed confidence in your appearance.

At our aesthetic clinic in Singapore, our treatments are carefully curated and selected for patients on an individual basis after an in-depth consultation to understand their needs and goals. From treating facial skin issues such as hyperpigmentation and acne scars, to protecting and nourishing skin by boosting collagen levels, we take a holistic approach to treatment that combines health and wellness with beauty. Make an appointment with us and find out how you can begin your transformation today.

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Comfort and safety are our utmost priorities at our aesthetics medical clinic. At every step, we communicate to patients about our procedures so they are clear on what to expect, and their minds are put at ease during treatment sessions. Excellence and value-add are the principles that define what we practise in the clinic.

Latest testimonials

Terima kasih Dr.Kenneth atas jasa pelayanan prosedur perawatan kecantikan. Pertama kali datang ke klinik ini, saya merasa agak berbeza dengan klinik lain. Dokternya sangat ramah, begitupun asisten yang bekerja selalu memberikan informasi yang berkualitas tentang berbagai jenis keunggulan perawatan. Pasti akan kembali dan highly recommended one of the best aesthetic clinic in Singapore.

Rika Susinawaty, Indonesian

I highly recommend Dr Kenneth Lee for all your aesthetics needs. I had a wonderful Profhilo experience at the clinic. Looking forward to hydrated and dewy skin. The staffs are exceptionally responsive and helpful. Dr Kenneth has an amazing bedside manners and you will feel comfortable and at ease throughout your visit and procedure.

Shireen Henry, South African/British

คุณหมอมีความเป็นมืออาชีพ สภาพแวดล้อมและบริการที่ดี

S.Phonphimon, Thai

Great experience with Dr Kenneth, who can recommend what is best for your skin.

Deyan Mihov, British Banker

"Vous pouvez poser toutes vos questions, et il fera en sorte de vous répondre ou bien même de vous rassurer si vous avez des doutes. Ce fut un très agréable moment durant toute la durée de mon traitement"

Carl, French

I am feeling grateful and blessed that I’m in Dr Kenneth’s good hands! When I have my treatment with him, he explains every procedure in detail and always tries to make me comfortable during the process. I have a very pleasant experience with him. Thank you, Dr Kenneth!

Benjie Almoroto, Filipino

I just visited Dr Kenneth today, I am so excited and I am interested by his concept of health and wellness. He is really passionate in what he does and I think he will do well in this industry.

Indah Sari, Indonesian Artist


明珠, Chinese

第一次毛孔雷射經驗是跟Dr. Kenneth ,他耐心的回答我的問題,同時也跟我解釋了幾次毛孔雷射的成效:緊緻毛孔、提亮肌膚、刺激膠原蛋白增生,讓我很安心。 不時有人會問,我皮膚和氣色怎麼這麼好,我想Dr.Kenneth功不可沒!

可倫 Pauline Liu, Taiwanese

Dr. Kenneth has been fantastic to work with. He explains every procedure in detail and always tries to make me comfortable during the process. The end results have been fantastic and my skin has really improved since I’ve started to see him.


Dr Kenneth is a very kind and thoughtful doctor. He takes the time to explain different treatment options. I have had several treatments and they were painless and the results very pleasing. Thank you Dr Kenneth.


You can just ask Dr Kenneth questions and advice! He will answer you kindly and clearly, and it gives you an assurance that your treatment is safe and effective.


To obtain the best possible outcome by end of this year, i requested for higher laser strength in my latest treatment. It’s much more pricklier than my previous treatments but I am feeling grateful and blessed that I’m in Dr Kenneth’s good hands! He gauged my pain tolerance level well and make sure I see satisfactory results. Not only did my pigmentation become less noticeable, my skin tone brighten up too!

Debbie, Singaporean

One of my fav aesthetic doctor that I have ever come across. I wanted to remove some skin unevenness but have very low tolerance for pain. Thanks to Dr Kenneth for reassuring me of the healing process and downtime. He is very patient in explaining the procedures and queries that I have.

Benjamin Eio, Singaporean

Shoutout to my face saviour, The Collagen Doc, Dr Kenneth Lee for my monthly 15-min laser treatment! For someone with big pores and acne scars, the laser really helped to remove the damaged outer layers of skin and stimulate the growth of collagen and new skin cells. Dr Kenneth has been really awesome at providing the type of treatment I need.

Kevon Tan, Singaporean
Doctor Plus

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dr plus about us
Dr Kenneth Lee Having trained in the fields of general medicine, general surgery, emergency and community medicine, Dr Kenneth Lee earned his moniker of “The Collagen Doc®” for his passion in anti-aging and regenerative treatments. Having participated in numerous courses and conferences on aesthetic treatments, Dr Kenneth Lee believes strongly in the rejuvenating effects of collagen and has experience in helping patients rediscover their inner beauty and youth. Many of the procedures he practises are scientifically advanced, and have been clinically proven to restore vigour and vitality to ageing skin, reduce wrinkles, and improve elasticity and hydration.

Working Hours & Sessions

  • Weekdays 10:30am - 7:30pm
  • Saturdays 10:00am - 3:00pm
  • Sundays Closed

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