Valor Plus

This is our penile rejuvenation program to give new energy to the penis by improving the hardness and quality of erections by shockwave therapy. During an erection, the arteries expand to increase blood flow to the penis. One of the organic causes of erectile dysfunction is vascular in nature, eg abnormalities in the arteries. Shockwave therapy help induce and release growth factor to aid new arterial supply to help sustain erection. Collagen growth happens in new arterial supply formation after shockwave therapy.


  • Promote better erection by improving blood flow to the penis


6-12 sessions over 6 weeks


Suitable for men with or without Erectile Dysfunction (ED) issues. Men who don’t have ED may experience harder erections and more natural spontaneous erections.

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ใช้บริการครั้งแรก คุณหมอใจดีและแนะนำดีมากค่ะ บริการเป็นกันเองค่ะ คุณหมอมือเบามากๆไม่เจ็บเลยค่ะ


Terima kasih Dr.Kenneth atas jasa pelayanan prosedur perawatan kecantikan. Pertama kali datang ke klinik ini, saya merasa agak berbeza dengan klinik lain. Dokternya sangat ramah, begitupun asisten yang bekerja selalu memberikan informasi yang berkualitas tentang berbagai jenis keunggulan perawatan. Pasti akan kembali dan highly recommended one of the best aesthetic clinic in Singapore.

Rika Susinawaty, Indonesian

I highly recommend Dr Kenneth Lee for all your aesthetics needs. I had a wonderful Profhilo experience at the clinic. Looking forward to hydrated and dewy skin. The staffs are exceptionally responsive and helpful. Dr Kenneth has an amazing bedside manners and you will feel comfortable and at ease throughout your visit and procedure.

Shireen Henry, South African/British

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